Children & their parents absolutely love our program. After all, every moment is packed with fun, engaging activities that teach your kids the skills they need for success in life.
Exercise is such a crucial part of a healthy child's life.

First, it helps them build habits and fond memories around exercise that will stick with them for life. That way they naturally make exercise part of their lives as adults.

And second, it relieves stress, helps keep them calm, focused, confident and so much more.

Plus, when done right, it's a ton of fun. That's why we make sure your child gets a healthy dose of exercise in every session.
Martial arts teaches discipline, focus, respect, attentiveness, and diplomacy. It teaches children to think things through... to show courtesy to everyone around them... and to stand up for what's right.

Martial arts also teaches peace. We show kids that physical self defense is only a last resort. Kids learn to talk things out, and come to an understanding with one another.

In short, they learn the makings of a true leader.
NO additional charge for Teacher Work Days, most holidays / snow days and days where your child is let out early from school!

NO additional charge for Spring Break and one week of Winter Break ($300 value)
Transportation Provided
Powhatan & Cumberland County Schools!
OPEN:  6:30am - 9 am
              2 pm - 6:15 pm
To all our after school family. Thank you for registering so fast!! Here are some of the exciting changes for this new school year!

Monday class rotation for all students teaching our Warrior's Way junior black belt curriculum.
Just like we ended the year last year, this rotation allows us to have smaller classes to help focus on each child more closely!

Tuesday class will focus on grappling, the art of Brazilian jiu jitsu is called the “gentle art” this part of our curriculum teaches what to do if someone takes you to the ground as well as how to get someone to the ground. This is a big favorite among the children and so important for self defense!

Wednesday class will be sparring, sparring will be done wearing the gear that you rented as part of your registration fee. This will be a fun SAFE class that will really help the children not only sharpen their skills by this practical application. And it will MOST CERTAINLY help with their self confidence!

Thursday class will be the same rotation as Monday class

Friday class will be something they will all have a lot of fun with!! Starting this fall we will be forming two exhibition teams! 
  • The first team will comprise of all after school students. This team will be called our HERO TEAM. The purpose of this team is to encourage unity among the children by working together as a team! This team will be able to perform at events such as local parades, local events and basically any chance we can get to “show off”!! 
  • The second team will be called WARRIOR ELITE. This team will be our travel/competition team. We will be competing in local and travel tournaments as well as special events that we will travel to.
In order to join this team there will be a team tryout that will be conducted August 28,29 and 30th from 3-5 pm at our facility. All ages are welcome to try out! This will be a try out basis and you will be notified by email if you or your child makes the team. Team practices will be Friday afternoons from 4:00-5:00 pm beginning October 1, 2018. Practices will also be on Friday evenings and some saturdays as we prepare for certain competitions. Much like any sports travel team this will be a great experience for all members, it will take hard work and dedication but will be an amazing life experience!! This team will have special uniforms and weapons for performing, each child will be given there weapons and new uniform once the team is formed. The cost per member will be $300.00 annually, this will cover all uniforms, weapons and help with other expenses. Depending upon the event that we enter there likely will be some additional entry fees we will have to pay as well. We will work together to do fund raisers to help raise money for our team. Our school has a rich tradition of team competition and we have won the national Martial Arts World tournament 7 times as well as competing in the NASCA world championships. Our goal for this team is to not only have fun but to hopefully continue that winning tradition!!!
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